what to do for a 4 year old birthday

What To Do For A 4-Year-Old Birthday! – Non-Party Ideas included

A birthday is a very important event for both, kids and adults. At the age of 4 years, your child is totally able to understand the meaning of this day. He is able to talk and share his wants and wishes.

Just like every other parent you want to do something to make your child feel more loved and special on his day. Thankfully, parties are not the only way to celebrate your kids’ birthday. There are many other activities that will help your child feel special and give him pleasure from the heart.

What to do for a 4-years-old birthday? A party or anything else?

Remember, the key is to make your child happy. You should talk to your child about what he wants. You can offer him different ideas and let him choose.

If you are looking for what to do for a 4-years-old birthday, here are a few party and non-party ideas.

1- Throw a birthday party:

This way of celebrating birthdays is the most popular one. Everyone loves parties and children just fell for them.

You can throw a birthday party where you can invite all the friends and classmates of your child. Arrange games and competitions for kids.

It can be a themed birthday party. You can choose a theme of your kids’ favorite character.

Does a 4-year-old need a party? It varies from child to child. If your 4-years-old has been seeing parties on youtube or has been attending a lot of parties lately, he might want one. Some kids only want a cake and gifts. You can talk to your child about your ideas and ask him about his wants and wishes.

2- Arrange a family “get together”:

A family party is another great option. If your 4-years-old is very attached to other family members like grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins, a family “get-together” will give him so much happiness

He will cut the cake in the presence of his beloved people and get gifts from them. Your little one will enjoy being the center of attention of the people he loves the most.

And of course, you can still arrange for some family games like “musical chair” or “pass the ball”.

3- Visit an amusement park:

Amusement parks are full of fun. Rides, games, and other entertainments are there to amuse your child.

Take your 4-years-old to a park where he has never been before. A few great examples are Disneyland Park, Disney California Adventure Park, Magic Kingdom Park, Seabreeze amusement park, etc.

Cake cutting is obvious. You can bring your cake with you to celebrate your child’s birthday in the park.

4- Let your child do a charity:

4- year-olds are capable of understanding “feelings”. They can feel really good when helping others.

How do you feel when you get to help someone? Let your child feel the same.

On his big day, take him to a place where he could help like an orphanage or a shelter. Let him help others by doing charity. Let him spend the day bringing inner joy.

Of course, he will still demand a birthday gift and a cake to cut. You can do that stuff in the evening with all the family members around.

At bedtime, talk to your child. Ask him how he felt that day? I bet that he must be feeling great.

Make sure to ask your child before his birthday about this plan.

5- Take the kid to the market to buy anything he wants:

You can give your child a budget and take him to the market to buy whatever he wants. A 4-year-old might not understand the amount of money and how much (and what) he can buy.

You can ask him at home what he wants and pre-decide what he is getting. Take him to the market then and let him choose his birthday gift.

6- Create something to make memories:

For your 4-years-old’s birthday, you can opt in to do some art and craft activities and create something to make memories.

For example, hand printing!
Get a paper and a few paint colors. You can also use washable ink stamp pads. Spread the paint evenly on the child’s hand and guide him to slowly press his hand on the paper. (make sure that the paper is thick enough to stand the wetness.)

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Try Tiny Ideas Family Handprint Frame and Paint Kit.

All the family members can print their hands and frame the paper.

A young child might not understand the concept of memories but he will enjoy the art activities a lot.

Here are a few other options to create memories:

  • Doll Making: Use paper or clothe to make dolls. (each doll representing a family member)
  • Create a photo album
  • Jewelry making: Make a bracelet or necklace
  • Make hand puppets
  • Hand casting
  • Hand and footprinting

7- Treasure Hunting:

Treasure hunting is a great way to entertain kids and keep them busy. It is also a great idea to surprise your little one with different gifts on his birthday.

Get a bunch of small gifts for him and hide them all over the house with the same tag on them. Tell your child that anything in the house with this tag is his.

Maps might not work for you. A 4-year-old might track a simple map like a straight line. But he might not be able to find something using it.

8- Photography:

Get your 4-years-old a dress for his birthday. A shirt with “birthday boy” or “birthday girl” printed on it can is a great option.

Visit a photo studio and get some photography done. You can create an album for your child.

Name the album “Simon is 4” and put all the photos inside.

This is another version of Creating memories.

9- Plant trees:

This is another version of doing charity. Children always want to do the activities that normally an adult would do. Your 4-year-old would love to help you in gardening. This is a great option if you have your own space.

Get a few plants or seeds and get started. Your family will enjoy it a lot and what can be better than planting a tree in today’s world.

By doing this activity, your child is going to understand the importance of plants and trees and by repeating such things, he is going to grow up as a responsible person.

Conclusion: What to do for a 4-year-old birthday?

The most popular way of celebrating a birthday is a party but that is not the only option. There are a bunch of other things that you can do to make your child feel special and loved. Whatever you choose to do, consider the abilities of a 4-years-old and follow his likes and dislikes.

The main goal should be to help your child feel special and do something that he enjoys.

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