7 Birthday Rhymes For 4-Year-Olds! (Boys & Girls)

Typically, 4 is the age when kids actually understand what a birthday party is. They enjoy being around their friends, cutting the cake, playing birthday games, and singing birthday rhymes.

If you are looking for some super fun birthday rhymes for 4-year-olds, you are in the right place.

4-Year-Old Birthday Rhymes:

Here are some good birthday rhymes for a 4-year-old birthday party:

1- The day we waited for:

Today’s the day we’ve waited for,
To celebrate someone we adore!
With balloons, presents, and cake to share,
We’ll make this birthday beyond compare!

At four years old, you’re growing so fast,
But let’s make this day one that will last.
So let’s sing and dance and have some fun,
With birthday magic for everyone!

Make a wish, blow out the candles bright,
We’re all here to share in your delight.
Happy birthday, dear little one,
May your day be filled with laughter and fun!

3- Today Is Your Special Day:

My little one, today’s your special day,
The 4th year of your life has come to stay!
With balloons, presents, and cake to eat,
Let’s celebrate with joy and make it sweet!

You’re growing up so fast, it’s true,
But today, let’s have some fun with you!
We’ll play some games and sing a song,
With birthday magic all day long!

Blow out the candles, and make a special wish,
We’ll all be here to cheer and relish!
Happy 4th birthday, my little friend,
May your day be filled with love to no end!

Cheering Birthday Rhyme for 4th Birthday:

1- It’s Your Birthday, Hooray!

It’s your birthday, hooray, hooray!
Let’s party like it’s a national holiday!
We’ll eat some cake, and sing a song,
And dance around all day long!

4 years old, can you believe?
You’re growing up so fast, it’s hard to conceive!
But let’s not dwell on the past, let’s have some fun,
And enjoy the birthday magic, one by one!

So blow out the candles, and make a big wish,
We’ll grant it for you, with a hug and a kiss!
Happy birthday, dear one, may your day be grand,
And may all your dreams come true, on this special day in the land!

Funny Rhymes For a 4-year-Old’s Birthday:

1- Birthday Banana:

On your birthday, my little monkey,
Let’s go bananas, it won’t be funky!
We’ll peel some bananas, one by one,
And we’ll gobble them up, it’ll be so fun!

But wait, there’s more, you’re in for a treat,
We’ll have some cake, and it’ll be sweet!
Four candles on top, we’ll light them up,
But don’t blow them out before we say “stop”!

So let’s party like monkeys, wild and free,
And celebrate the amazing four-year-old that you be!
Happy birthday, little monkey, have a blast,
We’ll be right here with you, from first to last!

2- Birthday Sloth:

Lowly but surely, another year has flown,
And today we gather to celebrate and groan,
For our little sloth, who’s turning four,
We’re here to party, so let’s hit the floor!

With your cute little smile, and sleepy eyes so wide,
You’re the happiest sloth we know, we can’t hide our pride,
So let’s hang from the trees, and move oh so slow,
And make this day the best, before it’s time to go!

Happy birthday, dear sloth, with your fur so soft and nice,
May your day be filled with joy, and plenty of slothful spice!

Birthday Rhyme for 4-Year-Old Girl:

A princess is born on this special day,
With a twinkle in her eye and a heart that’s pure and gay,
She’s four years old and growing so fast,
But on her birthday, she’ll reign supreme at last!

Her castle is adorned with flowers and bows,
And her gown sparkles with glitter and glows,
For she is the princess of our hearts,
And we’ll celebrate her with music and arts.

With tiaras and wands and fairy dust,
And a royal feast, fit for a princess so just,
We’ll dance and sing and play all day,
And make this birthday her most magical display!

Happy birthday, dear princess, with your grace and charm,
May your life be filled with love and joy, and forever warm!

Birthday Rhyme for 4-Year-Old Boy:

With a flash and a bang, and a powerful roar,
Our little hero is turning four!
With a cape and a mask, and a heart so true,
He’s ready to take on the world, and save it anew!

From fighting villains to rescuing cats,
Our little hero is always where it’s at!
With super strength and speed, and a clever mind,
He’s the bravest four-year-old we’ll ever find!

So let’s gather our powers, assemble our team,
And celebrate our hero’s fourth birthday dream!
With cake and presents and a hero-sized cheer,
We’ll make this day unforgettable, never fear!

Happy birthday, dear hero, with your heart of gold,
May your day be filled with adventure, and never get old!

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