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The 7 Best Potty Seats For 4-year-Olds – (No. 3 Is Awesome)

When you start potty training, a potty seat is one of those things that are essential. Your little one should love the new seat, making potty training much easier. So here we are going to review the best potty seats for 4-year-olds. 

711TEk Potty seat is the best potty seat for 4-year-olds, as it has all the great features that are required. It has an adjustable height that makes it easy to use with toilets of all heights. This potty seat has a wide step, side handles, and splash guard. It is portable and easy to clean. And most importantly, the size is enough to make a large potty for 4-year-olds. “

My 4-year-old daughter uses this, and we love this potty seat.

my 4-year-old's potty seat

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1- Best convertible potty seat for 4-year-olds: Fisher-Price Sea Me Flush Potty:

Convertible potty seats are bliss for mothers. These seats are portable. You can begin potty training by keeping a convertible potty seat in your kid’s room. Then, once the toddler gets into practice, make this seat permanent in the washroom.

Fisher-Price See Me Flush Potty is the best convertible potty seat for 4-year-olds. It comes with a removable potty ring which easily converts into a giant toilet for big children. A high chair back comes with a firm grasp handle that will keep your child comfortable and safe from falling.

Fisher’s convertible flush potty seat is easy to clean and has a built-in splash guard making it one of the best potty chairs for big toddlers. 

2- Best potty seat for 4-year-old boys: KATARUS Potty Training Toilet Seat:

Everyone knows that most boys love the color blue. So, get a blue or similar seat to make toilet training interesting for your 4-year-old boy.

Katarus potty training toilet seat comes in blue color, suits male gender, and has a ladder with adjustable training seat. It is easy to assemble and store. 

The universal design has padded seat-safe handles and wide steps. The wide steps make climbing easy for big toddlers. The footpads are nonslippery. The makers added six pieces of non-slip rubber mats at the bottom of the seat. 

For boys, you should always consider the urine splash guard. It should be there. 

This seat is suitable for children up to 7 years of age.  You can adjust the footrest according to the height of your boy. 

3- Best potty seats for 4-year-old girls: 711TEK Potty Training Seat:

Pink has been the favorite color of girls of all ages, so for 4-year-old girls, potty seats in pink, purple, or light colors are a better option. These soft-tone colors attract them so that they are compelled to use the regarded potty seats and actively participate in the training. 

Among the best potty seats for 4-year-old girls, 711TEK Potty Training Seat is a good option. This potty seat comes with a step stool ladder. The ladder has soft pads making it easy for your girl and boy, in case he does not make much fuss about color. 

The 711TEK potty training seat has a urine catcher that prevents urine from splashing. In addition, your girl can easily use the armrest to place her hand while using the chair. 

4- Best portable/travel potty seat for 4-year-olds: Upgrade Portable Potty Seat with Splash Guard

Getting your 4-year-olds a portable/travel seat is wise if your routine includes traveling more often. Also, parents must try to train their children to get free from toilets before leaving home; what much can be said for toddlers or kids of this age!

Choose Upgrade portable potty seat with a splash guard to save yourself from the hustle. It is the best portable/travel potty seat for 4-year-olds. This travel potty seat is easy to fold and carry due to its small size and lightweight. In addition, there is a splash guard that prevents urine from splashing. Upgrade portable potty seat is made up of safe ABS material. 

Upgrade portable potty seat with splash guard is suitable for girls and boys one-year-old to above. The reusable potty ring cushion is easy to clean. 

5- Best potty chairs for big toddlers: Regalo 2-in-1 My Little Potty Training:

Time flies, and these big toddlers, who once were little crawlers, are now trained to use the potty. Regalo 2-in-1 My Little Potty is a must-to-add item in the cart to search for the best potty chairs for big toddlers.

Regalo 2-in1 potty chair has a reasonable size. The 17×11 inches make it feasible to move to the toilet or room at your ease. You can easily remove and put the seat on the adult toilet seat. This very 2-in-1 feature makes it a favorable item to purchase for potty training. The interior bowls are removable. The realistic design makes it helpful in transitioning to an actual toilet. 

It makes a great large potty for 4-year-olds.

6- Best potty seat with step: Kylinton Potty Training Seat with Step Stool Ladder:

4-year-olds can use the toilet independently but need a “step” to sit on the toilet chair. We have Kylinton Potty’s training seat with a stool ladder. It is a foldable toddler potty seat for the toilet. 

This gray in the color seat has an adjustable height feature, making it suitable for growing kids. You can raise or lower the ladder by 0-3 inches.

The step stool does not allow the chair to shake or slip. Therefore, your child will feel confident while using it. The step stool has a waterproof cushion cover which is easy to clean. The mat of the potty seat is made up of TPE material. There are four rubber strips attached to the first-floor pedal. The foldable feature saves space for your room or toilet.

7- Best realistic potty seat for 4-year-olds: Summer Infant My Size Potty:

Get a realistic potty seat for 4-year-olds. Your child will learn to switch to the actual toilet soon. These realistic-looking potty seats serve as perfect potty-training machines. They learn to sit, flush out, and use toilet paper real fast. We have Summer Infant My Size Potty among the best potty chairs for big toddlers. 

Summer Infant My Size Potty is the best realistic potty seat for 4-year-olds. It looks like an actual toilet with a weight of up to 50 bs. Children 18 months and above can use it easily. 

The Summer Infant My Size Potty chair features a natural flush sound. In addition, there is a built-in wipe compartment to support personal hygiene. 

Frequently asked questions:

Here are a few questions asked frequently about the potty seats for 4-year-olds:

What kind of potty seats are best for 4-year-olds?

4-year-olds are pretty capable of using the toilet on their own. However, they won’t use a potty chair for longer, so getting a potty seat that can adjust to the toilet seat is best. 

What to consider before buying a potty seat for a 4-year-old?

You should consider the following things:

  • The color should be attractive for your kid
  • It should be able to hold more weight as 4-year-olds can weigh up to 40-50 pounds. 
  • It should have a step to climb up to the toilet. 
  • A splash guard is a must.
  • Some potty seats are featured with adjustable height; they are the best.
  • You must get an extra portable toilet seat for your child.

Where to place the potty chair?

If you have a potty chair instead of a potty seat, you can place it in your child’s room so he can get familiar with it and use it immediately when he needs to go. 

However, when he knows how to use the toilet correctly, you should shift the chair into the toilet and then move your kid to the potty seat. 


When looking for the best potty seat for your 4-year-old, the 711TEK Potty Training Seat is the best option. Other than this, you must get a portable seat too, so your child can use the toilet when you are outside.

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