coloring activities for 4 year olds

10 Super Fun Coloring Activities For 4-Year-Olds

Coloring is a wonderful activity for kids that provides several benefits, including improved motor skills, creativity stimulation, color awareness, improved concentration, reduced anxiety, and improved confidence and self-esteem. 

Overall, coloring is a fun and beneficial activity for children that can help them develop important skills and abilities while providing relaxation and enjoyment.

Following are some great coloring activities your 4-year-old can enjoy doing. 

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1- Window Clings: 

window clings - coloring activity for 4-year-old

Window clings are like stickers that can be placed on windows or other smooth surfaces. Children can color and decorate the clings before sticking them up.

There are many types of great window clings available on Amazon. Some sets come with colors, and some come without them. 

Creative Kids Window Paint Art Stickers Kit, contains 24 Sun Catchers, 24 Suction Cups & 11 Paints. 

This makes an incredibly fun coloring activity for a 4-year-old that is productive as well. Unlike the papers that go to waste once they are colored, the clings can be used to decorate your child’s room or car. 

2- Glittery Sidewalk Chalks:

Glitter sidewalk chalks

4-year olds love glitters, don’t they? Especially (but not necessarily) girls. Get your little one some glittery sidewalk chalk so they can throw their creativity on the driveway walls. These colors wash away easily. 

You can also give them a cardboard box to color if you don’t have such a wall where you could allow your kids to color. 

Crayola Glitter Sidewalk Chalk is a great choice to have. 

3- Coloring on the beat:

coloring activity for 4 year olds on music

How about some extra fun along with the coloring? Turn on some music and give your little one some glitter colors and chart paper.

Make your child draw on the beat. When the music is fast, the color speed is fast, while when the music is slow, the coloring speed is slow. 

This activity will keep the 4-year-old busy for a long time. They will become more focused and organized. 

4- Color on nature:

leaf coloring activity for 4 year olds

Give your 4-year-old a basket and make him gather some dry leaves from the garden. Let them color the leaves, then. 

Get some watercolors, put the paint on the leave, and gently put the leave on the paper to leave a mark. 

Different kinds of leaves and different colors will create a masterpiece of watercolor leaf art. 

Moreover, let your child experience the blend of different colors. 

5- Egg carton coloring:

Got some spare egg cartons? Give them to your kids, along with a variety of coloring tools. 

Along with the colored pencils and paint, give them some glitter and playdough to create masterpieces. 

6- Washable finger painting:

Finger painting is messy, but your 4-year-old will absolutely love it. This activity keeps them engaged for hours and skyrockets their creativity. 

Get a disposable sheet, give them large finger painting paper, and make your 4-year-old sit on that while they enjoy finger painting. They can make a tree, a peacock, or anything they like. 

Luckily, you can get a washable finger painting kit, so you don’t worry about cleaning. 

Crayola Giant Fingerpaint Paper and Crayola Washable Finger Paints; you just need these two things. 

7- Washable marker painting:

Usually, parents don’t like getting marker colors for their kids. The reason is obvious. Markers leave permanent marks. 

But Crayola has some pretty good washable markers that you can give your little one without worrying about permanent marks. 

Kids can paint pretty much anything they want using the color markers without being bored. 

The Crayola Pip Squeaks Washable Markers set includes color markers and papers for full-time fun for your 4-year-old. 

8- Popsicle sticks coloring:

popsicle stick coloring activity for 4 year olds

A pack of popsicle sticks and a watercolor kit is all you need if you want to keep your 4-year-old busy for hours. 

While coloring the popsicle sticks, your 4-year-old will become very focused and will improve their motor skills. 

Later on, they can match different colored popsicle sticks to create new crafts. 

9- Themed coloring books:

Instead of buying typical coloring books, consider getting themed coloring books that can help your 4-year-old to learn different things. Such as under-the-sea coloring books, professional color books, space coloring books, or spring coloring books. 

10- Glow in the dark coloring:

Get some glow-in-the-dark colors for your little one and let them paint characters. Once they are done, turn off the light, and the colors will glow. 

Your 4-year-old will absolutely love this type of coloring activity. Try this and thank me later. 

Creativity for Kids Glow in the Dark Rock Painting Kit is a MUST-TRY. 

Final words:

Coloring activities are super fun and interesting, and kids never get tired of them. I have mentioned some ideas that will give your 4-year-old a different perspective on coloring and the use of the tools to create art. 

So, choose whatever suits you and let your little one explore the world of art. 

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