Are Play Kitchens Worth It? (Benefits & Drawbacks)

Are play kitchens worth it? Any person who thinks of buying this fun thing, asks this question. Because of its price tag?

This miniature replica of the kitchen lets the children engage in imaginative play and mimic some productive adult activities. 

However, the worth of a toy is different for different kids. 

In this article, we will explore in detail if play kitchens are worth it and if you should buy it or not. And by the end of the article, I will suggest a play kitchen that is worth the investment. 

are play kitchens worth it

Are play kitchens worth it?

Play kitchens are absolutely worth it if your child loves imaginative play or loves cooking and food. These miniature kitchens are especially great for kids who have playing partners of around the same age, for example, siblings with a little age gap or cousins or friends who regularly visit. 

Now, let’s discuss the benefits of play kitchen for kids:

Benefits of play kitchen?

There are plenty of benefits to getting a play kitchen:

  • Most toddlers, preschoolers, and school-aged children love to play with pretend play toys such as play kitchens. So the biggest benefit is the happiness of your child.

  • A play kitchen is a great tool to improve socialization and creativity. As kids play as a team and create new ideas to play with the accessories.

  • The child will learn new words, concepts, colors, and math skills.

  • It will help the kids to follow a process and finish the tasks in a pattern.

  • It will keep the kids engaged (a big relief for parents)

  • Play with play kitchen will allow the kids to experiment without destroying a real kitchen.

  • The child will become interested in house chores.

  • It will keep the kids away from the screen for a long time.

  • It will keep the child physically active.

  • After standing and playing in the play kitchen, they will be tired; so they will sleep more peacefully. 

Drawbacks of play kitchen?

Besides having so many great benefits; play kitchens also have some drawbacks:

  • Play kitchens come with a significant price tag.

  • They are big so they need more space.

  • It takes a few hours to assemble a play kitchen.

  • Typically, a child cannot play alone in a play kitchen. 
  • Some kids are not so much interested in pretend play.

  • Play kitchen may have small parts or edges, especially if you choose to buy a cheaper/low-quality kitchen. 

Should you get a play kitchen?

Play kitchen has so many benefits. If you are thinking about whether you should buy one or not; I think you should but only if:

  • Your kid is between 3-6 years old so they could use it for a few years. If you buy it for your 8-year-old, your child is most likely to grow out of playing with a play kitchen very soon. 

  • Your kid has playing partners of around the same age. 

  • You can afford it.

  • You have space in your house to place a bigger toy. 

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What age a play kitchen is good for?

Typically, a play kitchen is good for kids ages 3-9. However, it depends upon the ability and interest of the children as well. 

For example, a kid who has elder siblings playing imaginative games, will become interested in a play kitchen compared to a child who doesn’t have elder siblings or cousins.

Some kids are naturally more interested in pretend and play. Especially, the kids who are creative and intelligent.

For young kids (age 2-3), a simple play kitchen with fewer features is enough but for older kids, you need to choose one with more complex and advanced features such as an oven, sink, and refrigerator. 

Moreover, If you have multiple kids of different ages, you can choose to get a larger play kitchen where they all could enjoy themselves together. 

How much does a play kitchen cost?

Play kitchens come with a significant price tag. There is a wide range of prices. Typically, play kitchens cost from $70 to $500. 

Lower-end play kitchens, which cost around $70, are usually very simple and do not have any fancy features but still can provide great fun for kids. Also, most low-end play kitchens don’t come with accessories so you have to buy them separately. 

Most mid-range play kitchens will cost between $120 to $250. I suggest getting one in this range because they have enough features, are sturdy and good quality. Most play kitchens in this range also come with accessories to play with. 

Higher-end play kitchens may cost up to $400 or even more. I don’t suggest getting one of them until you are buying it for commercial purposes, such as placing it in a playground or in a daycare. 

Do you need to buy play kitchen accessories?

Do you need to buy play kitchen accessories or not, it depends on the brand you are buying. You must check the description of the product before buying it. 

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Types of play kitchens:

There are three main types of play kitchens; i.e. single shelf play kitchens, corner play kitchens, and walk-in play kitchens. 

Play kitchens are available in different materials such as plastic, wooden, and metal. Wooden play kitchens are the most popular and I also recommend them as they are strong and durable. They are more environmentally friendly and look more stylish. 

Best Play Kitchen Under $100:

If you are looking for a play kitchen that costs less than $100, Teamson Kids Play Kitchen Pretend Play Set with Accessories can be a great one. 

This one has a lot of good features. 

Though it’s small in size, it has a baking and microwave oven, stove, sink, cabinets, a clock, and a place to put accessories on the top. 

Overall, it can be great fun for kids, especially for young kids (ages 3-6).

If you want to get a plastic one, then Step2 Best Chefs Kitchen Set for Kids can be a good option. It costs under $100 and comes with 25 toy accessories. 

The play kitchen that is worth it:

KidKraft Ultimate Corner Wooden Play Kitchen is the one that is worth the investment. It’s a mid-range play kitchen made out of premium wood. 

Kidkraft corner kitchen has almost all the features that mimic a real kitchen. It will make your kid say “wow”.

 It has:

  1. Washing machine
  2. Fridge
  3. Oven
  4. Microwave
  5. Sink
  6. Stove (burners with light and sound)
  7. Click and turn knobs
  8. Pegs for hanging the utensils
  9. Lightening spots in the cabinet (lights not included)
  10. Plenty of storage space
  11. A working ice maker
  12. Play phone
  13. Fabric window curtains

Kidkraft play kitchen looks exactly like a real kitchen except for its size. The innovative corner design looks so elegant and the colors of the kitchen look so good. 

So if you plan to purchase a play kitchen for your little one, I highly recommend getting Kidkraft ultimate corner wooden play kitchen. 

You can buy it on Amazon.

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