best play kitchen for 4-year-olds

The 9 Best Play Kitchens For 4-Year-olds!

Let’s talk about the best play kitchens for 4-year-olds. 

Systematic research has proved that there are a bunch of benefits of imaginative play. Imaginative plays build self-esteem and self-awareness thus giving a boost to confidence. They learn to balance the social and emotional roles of life. The child gets to be creative and more flexible. 

Play kitchens encourage imaginative play. It also teaches teamwork when more kids get involved. It enhances language skills among children. And at 4-years-old kids need these skills so much. 

Play kitchen improves motor skills, as well as your child, will have increased physical activities such as picking up toy utensils and arranging/re-arranging the items. The child gets more organized through such toys. Play kitchen gives a sense of responsibility among children. 

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Here’s the list of best play kitchens for 4-year-olds. 

1- Best walk-in play kitchen: Step2 Grand Walk-In Wooden Kitchen

A walk-in play kitchen looks like a real kitchen but without a door. Your 4-year-old can walk into his kitchen to play with toy utensils. This type of play kitchen is suitable when you have enough space at your home and your 4-years-old is dreaming to become a chef one day.

The Grand Walk-In wooden kitchen is without any second thought the best walk-in play kitchen. It is large in size, almost 33” tall and 50” wide. 

The reliable wooden Grand Walk-In kitchen has really exciting features. You get a glass-style stove burner with a large oven and fridge having a window to give a more realistic and modern touch. 

This kitchen is so beautiful that the color blue makes it look more lavish. There is a sink having a goose-neck style faucet. The kids can easily clean up thus building a social sense of cleanliness among them.

One also gets a breakfast bar. The Grand Walk-In Wooden kitchen has 15-pieces of kitchen toy accessory set. 

2- Best corner Play Kitchen: KidKraft Ultimate Corner Wooden Play

A corner Play Kitchen is another great idea when you have enough space at your home to keep your 4-year-old’s pretend play toys. 

Check KidKraft Ultimate Corner Wooden Play Kitchen Set. KidKraft produces masterpieces when it comes to buying pretend-and-play toys. 

This corner wooden play kitchen comes with a unique corner design. It has everything, from oven and microwave to burners, curtains, and shelves. The burners of this set have lights and sound thus keeping your child busy with fun. You also get a freezer and refrigerator along with washer doors that open and shut.

The mind behind the making of this set also placed a removable sink to promote easy cleanup. The cordless phone with a hands-free clip comes in this very corner wooden play kitchen. Do not miss your call!

The size of the corner wooden play kitchen is 42.5”x32.5”. 

3- Best single-shelf play kitchen: Melissa & Doug Wooden Chef’s Pretend Play Toy Kitchen

A single-shelf play kitchen is suitable for small spaces. 

Melissa & Doug Wooden Chef pretend play toy kitchen is the best single-shelf play kitchen. It is every child’s favorite toy set as it has many exciting accessories. 

Melissa’s single-shelf play kitchen is made up of durable wood. The best worth mentioning thing about this toy kitchen is that it comes with a working ice dispenser! Also, a freezer to elaborate.

There is an oven, a stove, microwave, a sink among the single-shelf play kitchen. A large size kitchen having 39” height and 43.25” width makes it an ideal size for a 4-year-old child to pretend and play. 

Ice-making features make Melissa & Doug wooden chef’s play toy kitchen different from others. This ice maker has two ice cubes. There is also a microwave with the turn of a dial. The plate of microwave spins too! What a real-life kitchen! To encourage cooking there is ample food collection along with pantry products. Not to forget, grocery checklist and movable hooks with doors that open and shut.  

4- Best Play Kitchen For Small Space: Teamson Kids Little Chef Boston Kids Play Kitchen,

When you have only a small space to keep the play kitchen, you would want one that is smaller in size or maybe easy to shift from one place to another. 

Try Teamson Kids Little Chef Boston Kids Play Kitchen set, the best play kitchen for a small space. This set comes with 9 accessories. The Teamson kids set is made up of medium-density fiberboard (MDF) which is eco-friendly. Talking about the size of the kitchen, it is 22” tall and 11.5” in width, so it won’t take a lot of space. 

A good height is considered for 4-year-old or above to play freely.

The MDF feature makes it safer for kids to play and clean as well. Use a damp cloth for cleaning purposes. 

5- Best extra tall play kitchen: Step2 Grand Walk-In Kitchen & Grill

How about we tell you about a kitchen playset which is 4 feet tall! Wow! Consider that the average height of a 4-years-old is around 3.5 feet. 

Step2 Grand Walk-In Kitchen & Grill is what we are talking about. This large sie kitchen playset toy comes with exciting practical-touch accessories. 

The set includes 103 pieces. There is an eat-in station with a barbeque grill feature. 

Step2 made sure to add cabinets, a large size refrigerator as well as bins that you can pull out. To make the play-time more fun do not forget to switch on lights and sounds that are on the stovetop and your kitchen’s grill station. 

6- Best Wooden play kitchen: Jumbl Kids Kitchen Set, Pretend Wooden Play Kitchen,

Wood is the most popular and great material used in the making of the pretend play toys. This material is strong and sturdy while being eco-friendly. 

Talk about the best wooden play kitchen, we always have Jumbl kids kitchen set to suggest. 

Jumbl kids kitchen set is made for both boys and girls and has some amazing features worth discussing. 

Here, in this set, we get a battery-operated ice dispenser, knobs that click, and also a microwave with sounds and buttons. The kitchen set is made up of durable wood and is large in size. Get charcoal color as it goes well with both genders. 

The Jumbl pretend wooden play has a pot and frying pan. There is also a chalkboard added by the makers to jot down necessary ingredients thus giving real-life touch to your game. Not to forget, there is a towel rack (real) and other important minute details such as cabinet windows, faucet, sink knobs and door handles.

An interesting feature of this very playset is you get AAA-High quality furniture made up of composite wood and other accessories of plastic. The durability of both plastic and wood is high and is safe. There is no fear of wear and tear.

You can play this set with ease in the bedroom, day-care room, or school classroom as the size is 40.3” tall and 11.4” wide. The weight is less than 60lbs.

7- Best plastic play kitchen: Step2 Best Chefs Kitchen Playset:

Plastic is the second common material in pretend play toys. It’s unbreakable but is not eco-friendly. Being lightweight is a plus,

Step2 offers the best plastic play kitchen set for kids of age 2 and above. 

The Step2 Best Chef’s Kitchen Playset comes with 25 pieces of toy accessories. There is a real light and sound feature that makes it more fun. The multi-color set has an open design that enhances imagination and promotes healthy pretend-and-play activity among kids. You need 2 “AA” batteries to make electric stove top burner lights and sounds to work. There is even a special frying pan and boiling pot to give a realistic touch to the game.

The Step2 plastic play kitchen has a coffee maker station as well as appliances with doors that open and close. 

8- Best play kitchen for 4-years-old girls: KidKraft Grand Gourmet Corner Wooden Play Kitchen

Pink has been the favorite color of girls for centuries. And if your 4-years-old girl is also a pink lover then this dollhouse is for you. 

Opt for KidKraft Grand Gourmet Corner Wooden Play kitchen. The pink and white color is just made for girls. 

You will get the best kitchen set with interesting features. There are real fabric curtains. The washer with working doors, oven, microwave, freezer, and refrigerator are part of the deal. The freezer door has a chalkboard. KidKraft gives storage shelves along with hanging pegs to make pretending while playing more interesting for you.

It is made up of MDF plastic fabric. There are 4 accessories. The faucet and working knobs on the stove are part of the collection. 

9- Best play kitchen for 4-years-old boys: KidKraft Vintage Wooden Play Kitchen

On the other hand, boys have been loving the color blue for ages. 

So, this is the best play kitchen for 4-years-old boys and again it’s KidKraft we have for a recommendation. The blue color is so eye-catching and attractive for boys. 

The blue specific KidKraft vintage wooden play kitchen with pretend ice-maker and play phone. There is a microwave with moving doors that open and close. 

The oven and microwave have see-through doors. You get oven knobs that turn and also click. Not to forget, cordless phone with hands-free clip. To store there is spacious storage and a sink.

How to choose the right play kitchen for 4-year-olds? 

When choosing a play kitchen for 4-year-olds, you need to check these things:

  • Height: A smaller kitchen set might not be as attractive for a child, as a large kitchen would be. Height of the play kitchen matters so your child can feel like working in a real kitchen. A 4-year-old is normally around 40 inches tall. So, aim for a play kitchen that is taller than this.
  • Size: Consider the space in your home for a play kitchen and choose accordingly. In our list, we have every kind of play kitchen.
  • Edges: It should not have sharp edges.
  • Materials: 4-year-olds can be destructive. So, the material needs to be considered. Wooden play kitchens are the best in terms of strength. They are long lasting and eco-friendly.
  • Color and accessories: The color of the kitchen should be attractive for your kid. And it should have all the necessary accessories. 

A few more questions about the play kitchens:

Here are a few more questions people usually ask when buying a play kitchen. 

Is Play kitchen worth it?

A play kitchen is worth it or not, it depends upon your child and your budget. If your little one is really into cooking, it can be a beneficial thing. But if it’s just a temporary interest, a play kitchen can be an expensive thing to buy. Usually, these types of things are a good choice for girls. Boys do not show a keen interest in such toys (not necessarily). 

What age is best for a play kitchen?

At the age of 3 to 7 years old, kids love imaginative play. And they learn a lot by pretend play games. So, play kitchens are best for kids when they are 3-7 years old. 

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