4-year-old falling out of bed

How to Stop a 4-Year-Old from Falling Out of bed?

It is normal for a 4-year-old to fall out of bed while sleeping. Your kid will be able to sleep on a bed without falling somewhere between 5 years to 7 years of age. Every kid is different and learns things in different ways and within different time spans. 

So, if your 4-year-old falls out of bed while sleeping, it is normal and nothing to worry about. 

However, if he falls, hits his head, and has symptoms of drowsiness, vomiting, spitting up, or if he is whining or won’t wake up, you should take the child to see a doctor immediately.

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Here are a few ways to save your child from falling out of bed while sleeping. 

1- Towel under the mattress:

Take two towels, ideally large beach towels, and roll them. Put each roll on each side of the bed under the mattress to make two bumps. 

The towel rolls will elevate the ends of the bed to keep your child safe from falling down. 

This is a zero-cost way to keep your child safe from falling. However, there is still a risk that the towel rolls may slip. 

2- Hard pillow around the kid:

If you have hard cotton-filled pillows, you can place them on both sides of your child. Or push the bed towards the wall and place one hard pillow on the opposite side. 

You should not use a common polyester-filled pillow that is soft and can slip easily. 

3- Bed toward the wall:

Push the bed towards the wall, so one side of the bed becomes safe. Use a hard pillow, a towel roll, or safety rails on the other side. 

4- Bed safety rails

This is my favorite and recommended way. Safety rails are very reliable and inexpensive. You can get a pair of them on amazon for a low price.  

Safety rails are easy to fix and remove, so you can use them at night and remove them during the day. These rails do not slip, and the mesh material allows air circulation.

A good choice is,  Regalo Swing Down bed safety rails. These safety rails are 20 inches high, and they cannot slip. So they completely eliminate the risk of your 4-year-old falling out of bed. 

You can buy a single rail or a pair on Amazon. You can also pick the length of the rails. Click here to buy Regalo swing down bed safety rails on Amazon. 

5– Bed bumpers:

Bed bumpers are the second good option. For example, hiccapop Foam Bed Bumpers. These are the updated version of the bed safety rails. Some people think that safety rails cage the child, so a company introduced bed bumpers.

These bed bumpers are 5 inches high above the bed’s mattress, so they keep the child safe while saving him from the feeling of caging. 

However, each bed bump is almost 7 inches wide, so a pair will require almost 14 inches of space on your child’s bed. A typical twin-sized bed is almost 35 to 38 inches wide, so the bed bumpers will capture almost half of the space. 

So, I prefer bed safety rails for my daughter as she sleeps more comfortably and safely. 

But if you prefer bed bumpers, click here to order a pair for your 4-year-old on Amazon. 

6- Low ground bed

If you want a permanent solution, this option is for you. Get a ground bed and stop worrying about your child falling out of bed. 

Getting a piece of furniture is not something anyone can do easily. So I only recommend buying a new bed if you have more young children who will require a bed at some point.

Little Seeds Rowan Valley Skyler Kids Metal House is a good choice. 

A 4-year-old fell out of bed and hit his head:

If your 4-year-old fell out of bed, hit his head, and shows the symptoms of drowsiness and vomiting, or if he is whining or won’t wake up, you should call your area’s emergency medical helpline or take him to the doctor right away. 

If he looks perfectly fine, there is no reason to worry. A small wound or a little swelling is normal, you can give him first aid. 


If your 4-year-old falls out of bed, getting safety rails for both sides of the kid’s bed is best. Bed bumpers are the second-best choice. However, you can use beach towel rolls or hard cotton-filled pillows to keep your child safe. However, they may slip, so I still recommend bed safety rails. 

Click here to buy a pair of bed safety rails on Amazon.

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