What If A 4-Year-Old Boy Is Obsessed with Princesses?

Society doesn’t drive kids’ nature and thinking, and it doesn’t have to. Every child is unique. Parents need to understand the differences. Moreover, we shouldn’t apply our social norms to kids’ play. A 4-year-old boy can be obsessed with princesses or other girl things. Let’s talk about whether it is normal or not. Is this obsession long-lasting? What you can do about it?

Is it normal for a 4-year-old boy to be obsessed with princesses?

Although a 4-year-old boy must have developed a strong identification with his gender, it is not necessary that he only plays with boys or with boy toys.

It is normal for a 4-year-old boy to obsess over princesses or girly stuff. The fact that your boy enjoys playing with girls might be associated with sentiments like sensitivity or gentleness.

It strongly indicates that you, as a parent, have been open and supportive of his emotions and likeness. 

Social norms don’t drive kids’ nature:

Whether it be an eastern or western society, there are some firm norms for everyone. Societal norms for kids are the same everywhere, but we do not realize that every child is different, and so is their nature.

We as parents get worried if our boy is obsessed over princesses but do not worry about a girl obsessing over cars or boy toys.

Why your 4-year-old might be interested in princess stuff?

It is completely normal for a 4-year-old boy to play with princesses, dolls, or girly toys. Try figuring out the reason for his likeness towards girl toys.

Usually, children of this age learn and observe their surroundings. A boy obsessing over princesses or girly stuff might have an elder sister at home who has a nice collection of princesses since he was born, or he might have a female friend at school who definitely brings a princess bag, lunchbox, water bottle, and other accessories which are becoming his center of attention.

Many little girls are obsessed with superheroes. Likewise, many boys are obsessed with princesses. This behavior is perfectly normal in kids at this age.

Is this obsession long-lasting?

Just like some kids concentrate on legos, dinosaurs or trucks so passionately, your son would be concentrating on Disney princesses.

It’s a proven fact that kids of this age focus on such obsessions for a year or so until they completely discover it and imagine all they can imagine, and then they move towards another adventure.

Does a 4-year-old boy’s obsession with princesses and girl things mean that he has gender identity disorder, or is he not straight?

Come on! He is just a 4-year-old boy who is just exploring the world around him. It is way too early to decide if he is straight or not or has a gender identity disorder. 

Firstly, Give him a chance to play with a variety of toys and in a variety of ways. Stop stressing over him being obsessed with the princesses; let him play with it for a while so that he might learn how to be gentle and nurture dolls.

A simple toy obsession won’t decide about he is straight or not; it is just a matter of his surroundings and likings. Moreover, it is way too early to comment on his preferences as the likes, dislikes, obsessions, and habits of a 4-year-old would change over time.

Secondly, break the stereotype; do not “Shush” your boy when he is tearing up for any reason; tell him it’s okay to cry. Tell him how you loved when he jumped from one bed to another; on the other hand, praise his gentleness towards pets, younger siblings, and friends.

But, if your boy is consistently trying to be, look like or behave like a girl and his obsession is turning into a passion over a longer period ( say for so many months), then it is the time to take some action. Get in touch with a good therapist to learn more about this long-going obsession.

This constant and persistent desire to become an opposite gender might indicate gender identity disorders.

What should you do? 

Every child has different challenges; it is up to you how you tackle such situations. Of course, even if you are an open-minded parent and do not bother about your son’s choice of toys and stuff, people around you, including your family, friends, or a stranger, probably would question you about his obsession.

1- Ignore the comments:

Being a parent, respectfully listen to their remarks, defuse those remarks with a joke or ignore them for the sake of your own sanity.

Trust your instinct and your child; observe and deeply analyze his behavior with the other children. See if he is comfortable playing with boys or avoids interacting with both genders.

2- Do not try to bring down his obsession overnight:

Being a supportive parent, you must not bring down his obsession overnight.

Slowly and gradually, work on the transformation. If he insists on buying a doll, get him that toy but do not fill his room with girly stuff. Try to balance his choice with other toys, i.e., cars, lego, animals, balls, etc.

Give your kid some time to learn things on his own. 

3- Create a balance:

Never scold or pressure him when he wants to play with the dolls; on the other hand, don’t even encourage him when he is playing with them.

Talk to him when it is his bedtime; children listen to you, especially at their bedtime. Tell him that he should also play with boy toys and how you are planning to get him a huge boy toy on his birthday. 

4- Introduce the society slowly and gradually: (up to you)

Reward him when he plays with boy toys and cheer him up when he selects a boy toy for himself. Slowly and gradually, talk to him about the societal norms and the reality he has to face when he grows up.

Involve yourself with him when it is his play time, intentionally ask him to bring boy toys, and tell him that you would love to play with him only if he plays with these toys. Just go with the flow and never put pressure on yourself and the little soul.

5- Seek help if you are concerned:

Even after all the attempts, you must consult a child psychologist if your boy does not get over the obsession for a longer time and you have continued concerns about his gender identity, emotional development, or peer relations.

But if you see progress, a happy child, playful and comfortable with his peers, then you and your baby are progressing and doing a good job.

Some cool princess gifts for 4-year-old boys:

There is no harm in getting some cool princess stuff for your 4-year-old boy. You can choose what will excite your boy, but he doesn’t have to take it outside because, as a parent, you don’t want him to be targeted or bullied. 

There are many princess toys your son can have at home. Check out some cool things below:

1. Melissa & Doug Disney Princess Wooden Stamp Set

This wooden stamp set can help your son do some arts and crafts. This comes with nine stamps, five colored pencils, and two stamp pads. Melissa & Doug Disney princess wooden stamp set is an educational and creative gift set for kids ages4 and above. This set will help your son have a play experience with his favorite Disney characters and save him from screen time.

Get the wooden stamp set on Amazon.

2. Disney Princess Top Trumps Match Board Game

Boards games are always a good choice for your child; they boost their cognitive skills and sharpen their focus. This Disney princess top trump match board game is a mini compact plastic cased board game that can be carried anywhere, anytime. It comes with your child’s favorite Disney princesses characters. Most of all, board games are a great source to teach the value of teamwork and how to be a good loser.

Get the princess board game on Amazon.

3- KidKraft Disney® Princess Royal Celebration Wooden Dollhouse

This beautiful princess wooden dollhouse may look like a girl’s toy, but if you get this Dollhouse for your boy, it is definitely making him an organized child. It comes with storybook foldout rooms by which he can create different themes. Organizing a house is not a specific gender role, so if your boy organizes his dollhouse will definitely polish his house management skills.

Get the royal wooden princess dollhouse for your 4-year-old boy on amazon.

4- Beast Kingdom Disney Princess Series Pull-Back Car Set

This pull-back car set is the ultimate gift set for boys who love Disney princess characters. Each princess has their own sidekick to make it more interesting. All the famous Disney princesses are brought together to make it the most adorable yet sporty toy for your boy.

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What if a 4-year-old boy likes girl things?

If your 4-year-old boy likes all the girl things (not only princess), the rules are the same for him. It can be because he sees all the girly stuff around him, and the face is that “girl things are more fun.” The colors and the shimmer may attract your boy. 

There are very high chances that this obsession is temporary and your 4-year-old boy will grow out of it.

Still, if you are concerned, there is no harm in seeking professional help. 


It is totally normal for a 4-year-old boy to obsess over princesses or other girls’ things. It is too early to decide anything; it can be a matter of likes and dislikes. Do not try to bring down his obsession; just learn to create a balance. There is no harm in getting him his favorite princess stuff; just make sure to create a balance in his toy room. 

just wait and see how his preferences change over time. However, if you are still concerned, there is no harm in contacting a behavioral psychologist. 

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