funny books for 4 year olds

10 Funny Books For 4-year-Olds

Little kids have a different understanding of humor than adults. Things that make an adult laugh, may not mean anything for a child. 4-year-olds laugh at silly faces, funny words, physical play, and wordplay. Here are some super funny books for 4-year-olds:

1- The Snurtch:

“The Snurtch is a storybook about a little girl who doesn’t have any problem at school except for an imaginary character “The Snurtch”.

The illustrations are very funny and the way “the snurtch” keeps getting in the way of the little girl is humorous. 

The story is funny but at the same time, it teaches the child to control their emotions even when their own monster keeps getting in their way. 

The storybook makes a great choice for 4-year-olds to make them laugh and learn some good things. 

2- The Unbudgeable Curmudgeon:

The unbudgeable curmudgeon is a funny story of a character who becomes unbudgable and a little girl tries to find different ways to budge it.

Later on, she becomes an unbudgeable curmudgeon by herself.

The illustrations are quite funny and you can expect your 4-year-old to read this story by himself just by looking at the illustration.

3- Return of the Underwear Dragon:

Return of the underwear dragon is the sequel to a hilarious story “The Attack of an underwear dragon”.

This is a funny story of a dragon who breaks into a kingdom and makes many mistakes there because he couldn’t read.

The storybook will make your 4-year-old laugh out loud because of the funny things the underwear dragon does.

4- Monkeys Love To Eat Apples:

Monkeys love to eat apples is a funny story of a guy who went to get some pets and returns with 7 monkeys.

He teaches the monkeys that they can have fun but they have to clean up as well.

Your 4-year-old will laugh and learn at the same time.

5- The Best Joke Book For Kids:

The best joke book is not actually a storybook but it’s a joke book with funny illustrations. It will double the fun of the hilarious jokes for 4-year-olds.

6- Dragons Love Farts:

“Dragons love farts” is the next part of the funny story “Dragons love tacos”. The story of dragons who pass gas from a quick tiny tooter to very big pooters 😀

After that, they simply don’t care how they smell up the air.

Your 4-year-old will laugh out crazily listening to this funny story.

7- The Wonky Donkey Collection:

The wonky donkey storybook collection is a series of storybooks that feature a donkey with different abilities.

There are repetitive and funny terms used in these stories that make everyone laugh, including the adults.

I highly recommend this funny storybook collection for a 4-year-old.

8- Don’t Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus!

When a bus driver takes a break from his work, a pigeon volunteers to be a driver. He keeps trying to drive it and uses different tricks to do so.

The actions of the pigeons are absolutely funny that will make your little one laugh.

9- This Moose Belongs to Me:

This is a storybook of a boy who lives a disciplined life. He owns a moose that follows all the rules but only has problems following the way.

They two manage to work out this problem.

This story is so funny for young kids as 4-year-olds.

10- Sylvie:

“Sylvie” is a funny story of a curious flamingo who learns that she is pink because of her diet. She tries to change her color and tries new patterns but later on, she realizes that sometimes it is best to just be yourself.


4-year-olds laugh at silly rhymes, repetitive words, funny actions and illustrations, unnatural things, and word mixing.

Your 4-year-old will find the books recommended above, hilarious.

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