Spotting Ex-Military: 20 Telltale Signs

Have you ever suspected someone might be ex-military? It’s not just about the crisp salutes or shiny boots. Here’s a no-nonsense guide to spotting British ex-servicemen as they navigate civilian life.

1. Loves a Good Queue

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They have exceptional patience in line, whether it’s at the bank or a coffee shop. Whether it’s at the bank or the bar, ex-military folk will find the end of a line and stick to it—patiently and tactically.

2. Watches on the Right Wrist

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Many are accustomed to wearing their watch on the right wrist—it’s practical for checking the time while holding a weapon in the left.

3. The 1000-Yard Stare

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They can often be seen gazing into the distance with a look that’s seen more than a few things. It’s not judgment; it’s just a default setting.

4. Haircuts Remain Regimented

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The hair might grey, but the style stays the same: short, tidy, and ever-prepared for an impromptu inspection.

5. Punctuality Is a Lifestyle

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If they say 0800, they don’t mean 0801. To an ex-military, ‘late’ is a dirty word.

6. Fondness for Camo

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A surprising amount of their wardrobe still features camouflage. It’s practical, hides stains brilliantly, and never really goes out of style—at least for them.

7. Unshakable Love for a Brew

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Coffee or tea, it’s prepared with precision—more ritual than routine. They brew a cup with military precision and seriousness.

8. Fondness for Jargon

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Expect military jargon to drop into everyday conversation. Military slang slips into the conversation—expect terms like “on the move” or “unknown contact.

9. Boots Polished to a Mirror Shine

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Their shoes can double as a shaving mirror. The habit of boot polishing endures as a lifelong commitment.

10. Uses Military Time

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Civilian time is for civilians. Expect any reference to time to be in a 24-hour format, clear and without confusion.

11. Loves an Understatement

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They downplay injuries, saying, “it’s just a scratch” for anything from minor to more severe injuries. The art of understatement is a badge of honor.

12. Always Sit Facing the Door

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In any restaurant or public place, they prefer seats where they can see the exits. Old habits die hard.

13. Tactical Everywhere

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From packing for a holiday to loading the dishwasher, everything is done with military efficiency and strategy.

14. Weather-Proof

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They’re prepared for all weather conditions, often carrying what appears to be the contents of a small survival store in their backpack.

15. Master of the DIY SOS

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Give them a problem and a Swiss Army knife, and they’ll sort it. From fixing a leaky tap to assembling furniture, it’s all about the mission.

16. Steely Composure

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Their face doesn’t give much away, especially in a crisis. It’s called maintaining composure, and it’s drilled in from day one.

17. Physically Disciplined

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They maintain a level of fitness that suggests they could still drop and give you twenty at any moment.

18. The Walking Map

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Asking for directions is unnecessary. They’ve memorized routes, landmarks, and probably still have an old compass just in case.

19. Respect for Authority

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A deep-seated respect for hierarchy and order can be seen in both their professional and personal lives. Chain of command matters.

20. Eye for Detail

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They notice everything, from slightly skewed wall art to someone’s untied shoes. Details matter, always.

Still Among Us

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Spotting an American veteran might be easier than you think. Just look for the person who’s prepared for anything, has a plan for everything, and still craves the perfect cup of coffee amid the chaos of civilian life.

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