18 Canned Foods That Make Mealtime Easier for Busy Parents

In a world favoring fresh food, canned foods are often overlooked but surprisingly versatile. Here are 18 foods that defy the fresh-is-best mantra, proving the can can be your best friend—especially for survivalists with well-stocked pantries.

1. Tomatoes

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Cooking with canned tomatoes can make your sauces richer than an Italian heir. They’re packed with flavor and ready to go, no chopping required.

2. Beans

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Unless you enjoy watching beans soak while paint dries, canned beans are your culinary shortcut. High in protein and ready in a minute, they’re a frugal eater’s dream.

3. Corn

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Canned corn is consistently sweet and always in season. It’s perfect for when your BBQ isn’t complete without a side of kernels but shucking feels like a chore.

4. Tuna

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Canned tuna is the protein-packed snack that waits patiently in your pantry, ready to rescue any meal. Plus, it’s cat-approved.

5. Pumpkin

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Canned pumpkin is not just for pies but also for spontaneous baking adventures. It’s like fall in a can, year-round.

6. Coconut Milk

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Craving curry but the only coconut you have is in shampoo form? Canned coconut milk to the rescue. It’s a tropical vacation that doesn’t require a passport.

7. Peas

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Canned peas save you from the eternal puzzle of cooking fresh peas to perfection. They’re always tender, never mushy.

8. Olives

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Unless you plan to cure your own olives (in which case, are you okay?), canned olives are the way to go. They bring the Mediterranean to you, no airfare needed.

9. Anchovies

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Trying to filet your own anchovies is a path paved with good intentions and bad outcomes. Canned anchovies add umami with the twist of a lid.

10. Artichoke Hearts

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Preparing artichokes requires time, patience, and a degree in botany. Canned artichoke hearts are ready for your salad or pizza, no PhD required.

11. Lentils

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Canned lentils are for those who spontaneously decide today’s the day for lentil soup. They’re precooked and ready to mingle with whatever’s in your fridge.

12. Sardines

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Canned sardines are the omega-3-packed snack for those who’ve accepted they’re never going deep-sea fishing.

13. Pineapple

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Canned pineapple is as sweet in January as it is in July, making it a consistent tropical treat. It’s a slice of summer, without the sticky fingers.

14. Chicken

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For those days when even cooking chicken feels like too much. Canned chicken has got your back, ready to bulk up your salads and sandwiches.

15. Beets

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Who has the time to roast beets? Canned beets are sweet, tender, and free from the risk of turning your kitchen into a crime scene.

16. Chickpeas

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Canned chickpeas mean hummus is just a few pulses away. They’re like the Swiss Army knife of the pantry—ready for anything.

17. Sauerkraut

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Making your own sauerkraut is a fermenting fantasy best left to the experts. Canned sauerkraut brings probiotics and pizzazz with zero wait time.

18. Soup

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The comfort of soup without the hours simmering on the stove. It’s like a hug in a bowl, especially when “cooking” means opening a can.

A Can-Do Attitude in the Kitchen

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So, next time you’re navigating the grocery store aisles, remember that some of the best flavors come not from the farm but from the can. Here’s to embracing the can opener as a tool of culinary creativity, survivalist savvy, and undeniable convenience. After all, in the kingdom of the kitchen, the can is king.

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