Safe Spaces: 18 Escapes from Gun Violence for Families

In search of safety and serenity, a growing number of American families are taking advantage of remote work and the global reach of online education to relocate to countries where the biggest worry at school is whether it’ll rain during recess. This shift isn’t just about dodging the distressing headlines; it’s about providing children with a nurturing environment where the focus is on growth and learning, not lockdown drills. Here are 18 countries offering a combination of safety, quality of life, and education—where English is spoken widely or where affordable, quality English-speaking schools are readily available.

1. Canada

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Our neighbor to the north is not just about maple syrup and hockey; it’s known for its high safety standards, excellent public schools, and a welcoming attitude towards expats.

2. New Zealand

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With its breathtaking landscapes and a strong emphasis on work-life balance, New Zealand offers an education system that supports holistic development.

3. Finland

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Ranked among the best in the world for education, Finland is a haven for families seeking both quality schooling and a safe environment.

4. Denmark

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Denmark, the land of hygge, is not just cozy; it’s safe. The Danish education system is renowned for fostering creativity and critical thinking.

5. Sweden

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Sweden’s emphasis on child welfare and education makes it a top choice for families, with an added bonus of stunning natural beauty.

6. Norway

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Norway offers spectacular landscapes and a strong sense of community, alongside an education system that focuses on individual student needs.

7. Iceland

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Known as one of the safest countries in the world, Iceland also prides itself on an innovative education system and a close-knit society.

8. Switzerland

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Switzerland’s multilingual education system and its focus on high-quality life make it an attractive option for expat families.

9. Austria

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Austria combines cultural richness with safety and excellent public services, including a strong educational system with various international schools.

10. Singapore

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This city-state is not just a hub for business; it’s also known for its strict laws ensuring safety and its elite English-speaking schools.

11. Japan

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Japan offers a unique blend of tradition and technology, with a high emphasis on education and safety, making it a fascinating place for families to relocate.

12. Netherlands

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With a friendly expat community and a plethora of international schools, the Netherlands is both welcoming and safe.

13. Australia

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Australia’s laid-back lifestyle, combined with its focus on outdoor activities and excellent education, makes it a great place for kids to grow up.

14. Germany

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Germany offers a high standard of living, a robust education system, and a rich cultural heritage, all within a safe environment.

15. Costa Rica

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Known for its “pura vida” lifestyle, Costa Rica is not only breathtakingly beautiful but also offers affordable international schooling options.

16. Portugal

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Portugal stands out for its warm climate, friendly locals, and a growing number of international schools catering to English-speaking families.

17. Ireland

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With its rich history and culture, Ireland offers a safe environment and a strong education system, with many schools offering programs in English.

18. Spain

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Spain combines a warm climate with a friendly atmosphere, affordable living costs, and a variety of bilingual schools, making it a great choice for families.

A World of Opportunities

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For families looking to escape the shadow of gun violence and seeking a better quality of life, these 18 countries offer not just safety and excellent educational opportunities but also the chance for children to grow up in a nurturing and culturally rich environment. With the rise of remote work and the availability of quality online or international schooling, making the leap to a new country is more feasible than ever. It’s a big world out there, filled with places where the biggest concerns are about living life to the fullest, not just getting by.

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