4-year-old has bad breath

Why Your 4-Years-Old Has Bad Breath? – (Solution)

Bad breaths are a common issue among children and adults. There could be various reasons behind it. Our focus in this article will be on the causes of bad breath in 4-years-old and how to get rid of this problem.

Why does your 4-years-old have bad breath? 

Following are the possible reasons why a 4-year old might be having bad breath, followed by solutions:

1- Not Eating The Right Foods:

It is observed among mothers or parents that once their child turns 4, they start sharing their own meal with the kid.

For example, the curry cooked for adults of the family is given to this 4-years-old too. Though the quantity will not be much. The same content is shared.

Thus, consuming more acidic food. Daily routine dairy and fruits get compromised.  

How to solve this issue

According to encompassnw.org, a 4-year-old should consume at least 16-20 ounces of milk (or yogurt). 

Make sure to add more vegetables and food items that are fiber-rich, full of carbohydrates, vitamins, etc. Spicy meals are not good for health.

Aim for a healthy balanced, and nutritious meal for your sweet 4-years-old child. 

2- Going To Bed Without Brushing The Teeth:

Managing these 4-years-olds is no less than fighting the war on the borders. Hyper-active children just won’t listen. They play and eat a full day, and when it comes to brushing their teeth, the real game of hiding and seek begins.

Even poor mothers become flexible and skip brushing their children at some point. 

It is important to teach your child good oral hygiene.  He/she must brush twice a day and floss after mid-day meals too.

Not brushing before sleep or avoiding brushing at all is one of the core reasons causes of bad breaths in 4-years old. 

How to solve this issue:

Stock different toothpaste flavors and get some cute toothbrushes to attract your 4-years-old. Most probably, he will ask himself to brush his teeth. Maybe you’ll get a hard time stopping him from brushing his teeth.

A 4-year-old is also able to rinse his mouth with a mouth wash. So, it’s worth giving it a try.

4-year-old brushing teeth

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4- Sinusitis:

The inflammation or swelling of tissues that line up the sinuses is known as sinusitis. It happens when the spaces in our noses are swelled and infected. 

Sinusitis is also one of the causes of bad breaths in 4-years-old. If you think your child’s bad breath is due to a stuffy nose, or a sign of sinusitis, seek a health professional. 

How to solve this issue:

Seek advice from a medical health professional.

5- Extra Mucus In The Nose:

Extra mucus in the nose causes bad breath in 4-years-old. When mucus from the nose drops down the throat, it creates bad breath. These secretions are a source of food for bacteria residing in your child’s nose and throat. The phenomenon is also known as postnasal drip.

Cold and flu may also cause extra mucus. Get medical help if you find your child unwell. 

How to solve this issue:

See advice from a medical health professional.

6- Eating More Confectionery:

When a preschooler gets hands-on sweet things, it gets a little tough to stop them. Consuming more sugar than necessary can cause bad breath in 4-years-old. 

Toffees, chocolates, and even biscuits are high sources of sugar. Diet with high sugar becomes food for bacteria that are already in the mouth, thus creating a bad oral odor. 

Confectionery contains a lot of sugar. 4-year-olds usually eat a lot of confectionaries. This is the age when children know how to get them listened to.

4-year-old eating confectionary

How to solve this issue:

Work on changing your child’s preferences. Instead of confectioneries, go for fruits. Set rewards on being obedient. 

Fix a timetable having one candy per day and not more than that. You can switch chocolates to cornflakes. Try to avoid stocking high-sugary items in the house. 

7- Certain Food Causes Bad Breath:

Numerous items may cause bad breath among children and even adults. Even though dairy products are good for health, milk and cheese are also said to be sources of bad breath. To help you, mentioned below is a list of food that causes bad breath in 4-years-old:

  • Garlic
  • Onion
  • Too much Milk
  • Cheese
  • Canned Tuna fish
  • Excessive citrus fruits

How to solve this issue:

Excess to anything is bad. The foods mentioned above are still necessary for health; you can’t completely cut them off. Just avoid including them in the dinner.


Excess to anything is bad for health. A healthy balanced diet and maintaining good oral hygiene must be our everyday tasks. 

Multiple reasons are there that may cause bad breath. The most common reason is excess confectionery and nutritional imbalance.

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