How To Stop Your 4-Year-Old From Killing Insects?

4-year-old children are at the stage of development where they are curious about the world around them. As they have fresh minds, they invest much time learning about cause and effect, so they experiment more than adults. Just like that, it is not uncommon for children at this age to be fascinated by insects and other small creatures and want to explore why they exist. 

However, it is important to note that killing insects is inappropriate or acceptable. It is important for parents to teach children about the value of all living things and to help them develop empathy and respect for animals and nature.

4-year-old being insect

Why would a 4-year-old kill insect:

There could be three reasons; developmental, psychological, or cultural.

1- Psychological reasons:

  • Curiosity:

Children are naturally curious and want to explore their environment. They may see insects as fascinating creatures and want to see what happens when interacting with them, including squishing or stepping on them. 

  • Lack of empathy:

Some kids are naturally less empathetic, so they think killing an insect is not a big thing. Such kids do not give a second thought when they see an insect and just want to kill it immediately.

  • Enjoys stomping the insect:

Your 4-year-old might have discovered the sound of squashing when he stomps the insect, so he might have liked it or just enjoyed squashing the insects. They think it is fun to crush the insect and laugh about it.

2- Developmental reasons: 

  • Exercise of power:

Humans have a natural urge to exercise power over those they think are less powerful than them. However, 4-year-olds are still in a phase of life where they are learning to regulate their emotions and have yet to understand that they don’t have to stomp an insect to show their power.

  • Learning behavior: 

Children often mimic the behaviors they see around them. For example, if they see other people, such as parents or siblings, killing insects, they may see this as normal behavior and do the same.

  • Lack of understanding: 

Young children may not fully understand the concept of life and death or the importance of insects in the ecosystem. They may see insects as objects or toys rather than living creatures.

  • Fear: 

Some children may fear insects and opt to kill them to protect themselves.

3- Cultural reasons:

  • Copying their elders:

It is not uncommon in our society to squish bugs and insects. Most people do it very often. So, your 4-year-old might not understand the importance of an insect’s life. 

The impact of killing insects on the brains of 4-year-olds:

Children who enjoy killing insects and small creatures may have some adverse effects on their thinking in the long term.

  • It hurts the child’s morality because when the child enjoys killing an insect, he thinks he is more powerful than it. So it takes away the decision-making ability of what is right and what is wrong.
  • It takes away the natural empathy from the child. Not only in the case of insects, but the child may also become heartless or feelingless in other matters of life as he grows up.
  • It may impact the emotional regulations of the child negatively. As a result, he may not be able to manage his emotions effectively when he grows up.
  • The child would lack respect towards living things. Moreover, if he tends to kill insects from such a young age, he may hurt other animals, such as cats or dogs, in the future.
  • Suppose such behavior does not get addressed at this age. In that case, the child will undoubtedly pass this behavior to the next generation and normalize killing the insect when his children see it.

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How to stop 4-year-olds from killing insects:

Now, find out how can you stop your 4-year-old from killing insects or bugs. 

4-year-old drawing insects

1- First, give them a close look at the life of insects and feed their curiosity:

Introduce your child to bugs and insects. Use different things to increase their awareness. For example, let them learn what bugs are and how they live. The more information they get, the more they become sensitive to bugs and insects. Following are a few ways that could feed their curiosity.

  • Insect-themed coloring books:

The best way to make the child understand something is to explain them on their level. 4-year-olds love coloring and animated characters. So if your child does not like insects in general, get insect-themed coloring books through which they can explore them.

Bugs And Insects Coloring Book by Lilt Kids Coloring Books has bugs and insects printed in animated form, which children would love to color. This way, they can learn more about crawling and flying insects.

  • A look into the life cycle of insects: 

Learning about the life cycle of insects will make a 4-year-old more aware of them. He will understand that insects and bugs are living things; they get hurt when you stomp them.

  • An Encyclopedia about Bugs:

As the name suggests, the Ultimate Bugopedia by Nancy Honovich is the ultimate encyclopedia book for kids. This book has thousands of bugs and insects with complete information about what they eat, where they live, and how important they are for the ecosystem. In addition, it has “Do you know” facts in the book, which makes it more interesting for young learners.

  • Explain to them why bugs or insects bite.

Generally, a bug or insect bites to defend itself. It is important to teach your that some insects can instantly bite if you approach them to kill them. Teaching about the danger can also help the child understand that everything is not for fun.

2- Model the behavior:

When you encounter bugs or insects, model the behavior for your little one. Your child will follow the way you treat those little creatures.

3- Make the child feed the insects:

It will create empathy for insects in their hearts. Ask them to shred the leftover meal and put it somewhere in the garden when they see insects. Then observe how insects come and pick their meal. 

4-year-old watching insect

4-Let them exert their power on something else

Get them toys and games that need them to become very active and require power. 


  • Ball throwing
  • Jumping
  • Punching bag
  • Hoppers and bouncers
  • Kids exercise ball

5- Teach them the role of insects on the earth

4-year-olds are naturally curious, so take the opportunity to teach them about insects’ role on the earth. Explain how they help pollinate plants, decompose organic matter, and provide food for other animals.

7-Praise them when they don’t kill the insect

Encourage your child to show kindness to insects by offering positive reinforcement. For example, if your child saves an insect instead of squishing it, praise them for their empathy and kindness.

8- Teach empathy 

Children learn by what their elders do, so it’s important to model empathy and kindness towards insects yourself. 

9- Explain to him the concept of, “live and let live.”

Explain to your child that insects have a right to live just like we do. Encourage them to adopt the “live and let live” approach towards all living things, which means respecting their right to exist and coexist peacefully with us.


A 4-year-old may kill insects for several different reasons. It can be a developmental phase or a learned behavior. 

The best way to stop this problem is to make your child more aware of these creatures. Tell them about their life cycle and how they live. Make your 4-year-old feed them. 

I recommend the ultimate bugopedia.  Check it out on Amazon. 

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