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Why Does Your 4-Year-Old Cry About Everything? – (What To Do)

Does your 4-year-old cry over every little thing?

Are you looking for solutions to stop your 4-year-old from always crying?

Well, it is normal for a child to cry and entirely normal for a parent to get frustrated. However, it becomes more overwhelming when you cannot figure out why your child is crying.

Especially when a preschooler who knows how to talk cries over everything, simultaneously making the parent frustrated and worried. The constant whining and crying make the whole day physically and mentally tiring for the parents.

Hang in there, Dear parents, give this article a read to find the possible reasons why your 4-year-old is crying about everything.

Do 4-year-olds cry a lot?

Generally No!! 

Mainly 4-year-olds can express their feelings through communication, so they don’t cry much like infants and toddlers.

Not to forget, he is just a 4-year-old child, so crying at the same point is justified. But some children are naturally susceptible and prone to waterworks when things do not go in their favor.

4-Year-old cries about everything 

Sometimes preschool children cry for irrational reasons, for example, they want something which cannot be arranged at the 11th hour, but they won’t listen to the parents. So instead, do unnecessary crying and shouting. It is possible that there would be a solid reason behind such behavior, which is making him stubborn.

If a child is well-rested, well-fed, and healthy, and there is nothing wrong, he will not always cry. So it is necessary to know the root cause of crying over everything.

Why does my 4-year-old cry all the time?

Here are the most common reasons why a 4-year-old might cry:

1- Over tiredness

It is the most important and common reason which makes the child cry over petty issues. Mostly 4-year-olds are active throughout the day and hardly like to take naps in the daytime. This routine makes them over-tired until the evening and upset over little things. 

Preschoolers need 10-12 hours of sleep daily to remain healthy and happy.

 2- Excess use of the screen

We, as a parent, introduce screens to toddlers and preschoolers to calm them for some time. Until 4, kids usually demand more screen time as they become more independent and vocal. 

It can be the reason for crying every now and then because excess screen time overstimulates the brain, which makes the child cry over everything all the time.

3- Parents yelling at a crying child

Due to the constant crying and whining sessions, the parents get naturally frustrated. If the parents always shout at the kid, it will trigger their crying habit more.

The parents need to find the reason behind all the crying and whining. Love, hugs, and affection toward a crying child do not always make them stubborn.

4- Change in life

A sudden change in anybody’s life does impact their behavior. For example, parents of preschool kids sometimes notice that their children are crying over everything. The reason possibly is the change in their routine. 

Sometimes the arrival of a new sibling also makes them emotional, and they miss all the attention they used to get.  Some kids develop jealousy during this phase which makes them extra sensitive.

5- Not having enough fun

Children of age 4 want the fun all the time. They enjoy playing, exploring, and running around the house most of the time. It is not easy for parents to get involved with their kids all the time. 

Due to the parents’ strict schedule, they failed to provide enough joy to the kids, which irritates them. For example, bedtime without a story time might upset them and result in a crying session before sleeping.

6- Growth spurt

Kids pass through growth spurts 8-10 times until age 6. At this time, they don’t grow at a steady pace. Instead, they will be the same size for many weeks, and suddenly they will grow in height in a few days. 

If your 4-year-old was not a crybaby but has started crying and whining over everything all of a sudden, it could be a growth spurt phase which will result in visible growth in a few days. 

Children not only grow physically, but their emotional or behavioral milestones also grow. So, for example, when your 4-year-old cry or whines all the time, but after some days, you notice his behavior has changed positively, and they are behaving like an older child, it’s possible that it was a growth spurt.

7- Going through teething

Teething could be a rare but possible reason for a child being unreasonable. We believe that teething is for little kids but do you know that a child’s first molar erupts at around the age of 6. 

During the age of 4-5, some kids have occasional teething symptoms, making them uncomfortable and cranky.

Remember that teething symptoms can be different in older kids. Your 4-year-old will complain about the pain verbally. 

8- Kids who never heard “NO.”

It happens when parents fulfill their child’s demands until his toddlerhood and suddenly change their behavior when the child starts school or welcomes a sibling. Kids who never heard “NO” over their irrational demands know how to make their parents fall for them.

By crying and recalcitrance, they try to get things done their way. Therefore, the parents need to say “NO” to unnecessary demands so that the child knows between good and bad.

9- Scared of his surroundings

If your child was never a crybaby but has suddenly become one, closely monitor his activities and surroundings. There is a possible chance that someone around him is scaring him or may have touched him inappropriately.

Do not watch horror or violent movies in front of the child. Never scare them from a monster or tell them scary stories. All these things can make the poor child-sensitive and scared.

10- Other possible reasons

A child will cry when he is uneasy. Parents should take out time to see what is bothering them. Sometimes a child would cry out of hunger, frustration, boredom, or lack of attention.

4th year of a child’s life is crucial, going to school brings a lot of change in their routine, which makes them behave irrationally. Patience is the key for parents, and love is the solution for kids.

How to stop a 4-year-old from crying about everything?

In this section, we have developed some helpful solutions for parents to overcome such a situation.

1- Figure out the root cause

There is always a reason for a kid to cry all the time. But unfortunately, only parents can identify the root cause of crying and whining. 

We understand it is challenging to maintain sanity while dealing with a child like this, but remember, no one is as close to your child as you are.

The waterworks may be just for your little attention, affection, and time. But make sure to give your 100% before you give up and seek medical assistance. 

2- Communicate with the child as much as possible

The more you talk to the child, the more he expresses his feelings. So first, ensure him that he is safe, loved, and understood by you. Then, ask him to tell you what is bothering him. 

Yet again, spending time with the child will help overcome this problem.

3- Bond with the child

Sometimes we make situations complex by ourselves when it is the easiest to solve. For example, maybe the child is cranky, frustrated, moody, and crying all the time because he misses the bond he had with his parents in toddlerhood.

Don’t put a lot of responsibilities on little shoulders, give our child some time, the complex phase will be over soon.

4- Make sure the child is well rested

Even as adults, it frustrates us when we do not get enough sleep. A 4-year-old must get 10-12 hours of sleep every day. 90% of problems are due to lack of sleep and tiredness.

5- Take special care of his diet

Feed him nutritious and well-balanced food. Never skip breakfast, as it provides instant energy in the morning. Snacks in between the main meals are a must-have. 

Children should have milk, fruits, nuts, and vegetables in portions. A well-fed child never fusses around unless he is hungry again.

6- Minimize the screen time

If your child has screen addiction, minimize it as much as possible. It would be difficult in the first few days, but trust in this; it will bring a lot of positive change in his behavior.

Don’t apply changes overnight, cut the time step by step. Give him reminders, set automated time on the screen, or charge the tablet less so that it turns off.

7- Change the way you react

Most parents get angry when a child always cries about little things. We agree it is not easy to deal with such a child, but only you can help your child overcome this phase.

Try dealing with the child calmly yet firmly. Make him understand that crying is not the solution to his problem. Instead, talk to him with love and support so that he opens up with you.

8- Cut sugar intake

Many parents agreed that high sugar intake has negatively impacted their child’s behavior. They are most likely to experience mood swings after consuming too much sugar.

Cut as much junk food as possible to keep your child healthy for the long term.

9- Seek medical help

Lastly, if you see sudden changes in the body, like an increase or decrease in weight,  change in the color of eyes or skin, extreme mood swings, aggressiveness, and crying, it is better to take him to the doctor. 


It is not normal for a 4-year-old to cry about every little thing, there is always a reason behind this behavior. 

Ensure your child is well-rested, well-fed, not watching the screens excessively, and getting the attention and love he requires. 

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