21 Things Parents Do Wrong and How to Fix Them

Parenting isn’t an exact science, and even the best of us slip up. Have you ever looked back and cringed at a parenting mishap?

1. Believing Every Tall Tale

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Kids can be master storytellers, especially when trouble is brewing. Believing them without question can lead to some awkward revelations. It’s wise to double-check before making a scene.

2. Accidental “Reply All”

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That vent about the school’s new policy wasn’t meant for everyone on the email chain. Accidentally hitting “reply all” can lead to red faces and rapid apologies. Always double-check the recipient list!

3. The Infamous Gum-In-Hair Fiasco

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Gum stuck in hair is practically a rite of passage, but it’s no less stressful. Whether it’s scissors or home remedies, the outcome is never pretty. Sometimes, it even requires a trip to the hairdresser.

4. Overbooking The Schedule

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Scheduling more activities than there are hours in the day is a common error. Kids need to breathe between soccer, piano, and scouts. Overbooking can lead to burnout—for both you and them.

5. Laundry Gone Wrong

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A red sock in a load of whites, a shrunken sweater—laundry mistakes are classic. These accidents remind us to sort carefully and always check pockets.

6. DIY Haircuts

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A quick snip seems easy until you’re trying to fix uneven bangs. DIY haircuts often start confidently and end with a panicked visit to the salon. Leave it to the professionals.

7. Misplaced Trust In Silence

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Silence is golden unless you have children. Then, it’s suspicious. Always investigate—it’s usually the quiet moments when chaos unfolds.

8. Underestimating Marker Permanence

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Every wall is a canvas to a child with a permanent marker. Learning the hard way that ‘washable’ doesn’t always mean wall-safe can lead to frustration and repainting.

9. Forgetting Sunscreen

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A day out is fun until someone gets a sunburn. Forgetting to reapply sunscreen can quickly turn a beach day into a week of aloe vera treatments.

10. Missing The School Play

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Mixing up the dates for the school play can break a young heart. It’s a reminder to double-check the calendar to support their big moments.

11. Volunteering Without Thinking

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Saying yes to bake 500 cookies for the school fundraiser seemed like a good idea at the time. Always consider your schedule before volunteering.

12. Losing Cool At Sports Events

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Getting a bit too competitive at children’s sports games isn’t a good look. It’s important to remember it’s just a game and meant to be fun.

13. Promising More Than You Can Deliver

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Promising to build the world’s best treehouse is fine until you have to deliver. It’s better to promise less and deliver more.

14. The Forgotten Pickup

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Forgetting to pick up your child from an activity is a mistake that can haunt you. It teaches the valuable lesson to set reminders for every pickup.

15. That ‘Harmless’ April Fool’s Prank

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Pranks are fun until the tears start. Testing what’s funny can sometimes cross a line—best to keep April Fool’s gags light and harmless.

16. Accidental Swearing

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Slipping up with a swear word happens, but kids are sponges. Watching our language around young ears teaches better habits.

17. Letting Them Dress Themselves For A Formal Event

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It seemed cute to let them dress themselves until you arrived at the event. Creative outfits are great, but sometimes guidance is needed.

18. Washing The Favourite Stuffed Animal

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That moment you realize the favorite stuffed animal shouldn’t have gone into the washing machine. Some things are better off gently hand-washed.

19. The Over-The-Top Birthday Parties

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Trying to keep up with social media-inspired parties can backfire. Simple celebrations often make happier memories without the stress.

20. Forgetting The Tooth Fairy Duty

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Forgetting to swap out the tooth under the pillow for a coin is a magic killer. Keeping spare change and setting a reminder can save the day.

21. Ignoring The Quiet Ones

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Noticing only the squeaky wheels can mean missing out on quieter struggles. Paying attention to the less outspoken kids can prevent problems before they grow.

In Hindsight

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While these blunders are almost a part of the parenting package, each one teaches us a bit more about patience, preparedness, and humility. After all, parenting is about learning from mistakes—ours and theirs.

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